Wodehouse’s Birthday and the Chicago Caper

What Ho again, Plum lovers. It has been an especially glorious summer, right out of the pages of Blandings, and I've taken the opportunity to whiz about the countryside, capturing the atmosphere of Wodehouse's England. I've visited Plum's Emsworth in Hampshire and explored Bertie Wooster's London (in one of the last tours given by Wodehouse …

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Maltsters Arms, Oxfordshire

Meeting Mulliners

Two men were sitting in the bar-parlour of the Anglers' Rest as I entered it; and one of them, I gathered from his low, excited voice and wide gestures, was telling the other a story. I could hear nothing but an occasional 'Biggest I ever saw in my life!' and 'Fully as large as that!' …

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Introducting the Plumtopians

I have reblogged a few Wodehouse pieces in Plumtopia, which I like to think of as a little haven for like-minded readers.  This week's piece is an appetite-whetting encouragement to new readers from Zanyzigzag. It's also a great read for affirmed Plum lovers. Zanyzigzag's piece has special significance for me as I prepare to leave …

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The Coming of Honoria

What Ho! What Ho! I'm dashing off this quick note to apologise for the lack of Plumtopian delights of late as I'm now preparing the family Plum for our relocation to England. I look forward to exploring Wodehouse country and returning here to share my exploits and reminiscences. In the meantime, I'm hoping to re-blog …

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Musing on the Plumtopian dream

What ho, everybody! If indeed there is an everybody. Of course I know there is an everybody, but I can't help feeling that you have better things to be doing - mouths to feed, bills to pay, toenails to clip etc. You don’t? Well, you know best of course .... A great inertia has come over …

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