Wodehouse poets: I have got dyspepsia

In approximately 25 minutes, I will be heading off to explore P.G. Wodehouse locations in Shropshire, on route to the wedding of a Wodehouse lover called Bill. To mark the occasion, I'd like to share my favourite 'Wodehouse' poem -- presented as the work of Lancelot Mulliner in 'Came the Dawn'. I wanted this to …

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Hard knocks: Wodehouse, cricket and me

'They belong to the school of thought which holds that the beauty of cricket is that, above all other games, it offers such magnificent opportunities for a long drink and a smoke in the shade. The Hearty Lunchers do not take their cricket in that spirit of deadly and business-like earnest which so many people consider is spoiling the game.'

New Wodehouse Releases

What ho, what ho, Plum lovers! I just wanted to share my excitement about some recent developments in the world of Wodehouse scholarship. 'For Love or Honour': an early Wodehouse story uncovered Those excellent people at the P.G.W. Globe Reclamation Project have been busy uncovering Wodehouse's early work published in the The Globe magazine. This …

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Wodehouse By the Way

P.G. Wodehouse is best known for his contribution to literature, as a novelist and short story writer, but for much of his long career, Wodehouse spread his writing efforts widely, in fields as diverse as journalism, musical theatre, and Hollywood screen writing. One of Wodehouse's early associations (circa 1901 -1910) was as a contributor, and …

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