Plum Puzzle: Leave it to Psmith Cryptogram

The widely reported outbreak of COVID-19 isolation-induced leisure time is making me dashed resentful. While others are working on first novels, starting podcasts, and creating art, I’m barely managing the demands of working and schooling from home — and all the additional mess we’re creating. Spare time for pondering on the topic of Plum is in regrettably short supply.

But I’m grateful that we’ve avoided the dreadful virus so far and hope that you too are in the pink.

The new The P.G. Wodehouse Book Club is trickling along. This week we’re discussing Leave it to Psmith. In the absence of writing time, I’ve created this cryptogram using Discovery Education’s Puzzlemaker tool.

Two versions are available

2. An interactive online version of the puzzle (at dkmGames) This puzzle will remain online for 2 weeks unless highly rated.

Happy puzzling!


9 thoughts on “Plum Puzzle: Leave it to Psmith Cryptogram

  1. Elin Woodger Murphy

    Delightful, old girl! I was slightly thrown off by one word being split over two lines, but managed to complete it quickly all the same. I love cryptograms – thank you!


        Thanks It was a wonderful Crypto! My best regards from Belgium Bart

        Van: “Plumtopia” Aan: “jeeves” Verzonden: Zaterdag 23 mei 2020 10:18:46 Onderwerp: [New comment] Plum Puzzle: Leave it to Psmith Cryptogram

        honoria plum commented: “It is just a jpeg. The second link is the interactive version of the same puzzle. “

  2. Far from depressing, if you follow me, and less musty scent rarely pervaded a heliotrope sock. As one of those blighters like Wittgenstein or what-not might have puffed down the old blowhole.

  3. Jim Royal

    Please find enclosed a big thank you. I was hesitant to try Ben Schott’s “Jeeves and the King of Clubs”. I am so glad that I did. It was a delight. I’m sure Plum would give it a thumbs up.

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