12 Days of Wodehouse Christmas

What Ho! Ho! Ho!

I hope the festive season finds you happy, healthy and well.

Earlier this December, I had a bit of Twitter fun with a Wodehouse themed 12 Days of Christmas – featuring Wodehouse related gift ideas. This piece provides a summary for those of you who don’t follow Twitter. It may be a lazy way to blog, but news media organisations are reporting Tweets as news these days, and even Wodehouse wasn’t averse to reusing his own material. I hope it gives you some good gift ideas — for Christmas or any time of year.

With all the compliments of the season,



12 thoughts on “12 Days of Wodehouse Christmas

  1. Great…..keep them coming!

    I am re-re-reading Leave it to Psmith these days.

    A week back, I finished an excellent biography of Jeeves, by C Northcote Parkinson. It helped me to understand somewhat the psychology of Jeeves. Could not restrain myself from sharing the key features on my blog!

    1. Awfully good of you Noel. And awfully late of me to reply. I promptly went AWOL after posting the obligatory Christmas m. and went on a festive binge in Venice. I thought life would return to inevitable drudgery on my return, but your little note has made my day.
      As ever, Honoria.

  2. George P. Smith

    My personal PGW Xmas wish list would include:
    – An Assyrian false beard
    – Esmond Haddock’s red hunting jacket of(re-re-re-re-reading The Mating Season currently)
    – The complete work of Spinoza
    – The never-realized portrait of the Empress by Landseer
    – And most of all, the secret memories of Gally Threepwood

    What Ho! Ho! Ho! to you!

  3. jackfielduk

    A capital jingle bells to you all!
    Loved the article and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

    ‘Jeeves…dash it, where are my purple socks?’

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